VMware Shortcut Keys

F11switches to full-screen mode and back to normal mode
Ctrl-Alt-Insertsends a Ctrl-Alt-Delete to the VMware Guest OS
Ctrl-Altis also used for - exiting full screen mode
Ctrl-Alt-EnterExpands the current VM into full-screen. If you have a number of VMs, this sequence will also move you between virtual machines
Ctrl-Alt-Tabswitch between VMs when the mouse is grabbed
Ctrl-Tabswitch between VMs when the mouse is not grabbed but VMware is the active window
Ctrl-Altis used to exit a Virtual machine from having control of your mouse and return your mouse control to the host machine
Ctrl-Alt-Spacewill allow you to send a keyboard sequence usually used with VMware server to the VMware guest without VMware Server recognizing it

VMware Server Shortcut Keys

Ctrl-Ncreate a new VM
Ctrl-Oopen a new VM
Ctrl-F4remove the tab for a VM
Ctrl-Dedit the config for a VM
Ctrl-Ggrab the input from your mouse/keyboard on the current VM (same as clicking on the console of the VM with your mouse)
Ctrl-Pedit VMware Preferences
Ctrl-Bpower on a VM
Ctrl-Epower off a VM
Ctrl-Rreset power on a VM
Ctrl-Zsuspend a VM

Reference: http://www.petri.co.il/virtual_vmware_keyboard_shortcuts.htm